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Please note: If you use only the free main plugin on this page you need to periodically refill a list of cryptocurrency addresses. Get the HD Wallet Add-on to automatically derive addresses from your HD wallet.

Seamless integration of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin payments into WooCommerce with fully automated payment confirmation.

Plugin Features

  • Provide a list of your own Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Litecoin wallet addresses or use a premium account  (get our HD Wallet Add-on to receive payments directly to HD wallets such as Electrum, Mycelium, Trezor, or Ledger Wallet)
  • Keep the customer on your website: No redirection to third party websites or iframes during checkout.
  • Keep your data: No need to give customer data to a third party.
  • Optional payment completion at zero confirmations using transaction confidence metrics.
  • Set per-currency maximum order amount thresholds for zeroconf payments.
  • Collect refund addresses during checkout.
  • Support for all WooCommerce store currencies except Lao KIP.
  • Supported exchange rate APIs: Bitcoinaverage, Bitcoincharts, Bitfinex, BitPay, BitTrex,, CoinCap, Coindesk, CoinGecko, GDAX, Shapeshift, Kraken,,, Poloniex
  • Apply discounts and markups individually for each currency.
  • Integrated into WooCommerce order e-Mails and admin backend.
  • WordPress Multisite compatible
  • Supports “WooCommerce Currency Switcher” and “Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce
  • No full node required – choose between different blockchain data providers or connect to your own private Esplora or Insight API instance

System Requirements

You need to have at least PHP version 7.1 or higher with the extensions cURL and GMP enabled.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Don’t want to refill an address list or rely on’s online wallet? Get the HD Wallet Add-on and receive payments directly to your own HD wallet!

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14 reviews for CryptoWoo

  1. service1 (verified owner)

    Great plugin does exactly what I need it to do. Works flawlessly and the developer provides great support.

  2. massmonsta69 (verified owner)

    I was searching the net for a payment pluggin for my website, and came across CryptoWoo as one of the most recommended. I was simply looking for a way to accept bitcoin fast and easy.

    I downloaded and found it extremely easy to add to my site and sync with my existing pluggins and web design. I then ran in to trouble with connecting my wallets with the HD wallets that I paid for here. However, I contacted Felix Stein and he walked me through step by step what I was doing wrong and helped me completely/pass a huge barrier in my way for finishing the payment system on my site. He went above and beyond to help me and had such amazing customer service.

    I 100% recommend CryptoWoo and the additional extra’s for anyone with any level of computing skills, the team here are excellent and you won’t be left to your own devices.

  3. david (verified owner)

    The product works great. It has many customization options and I liked that I was able to add discounts for customers purchasing with cryptocurrency. Also the checkout page redirecting to complete on first unconfirmed transaction is a good feature since the customer gets real-time feedback.

  4. Guy (verified owner)

    I am consistently impressed with how incredibly easy it is to keep this plugin running, and when something does go wrong, the developers respond very quickly to fix the issue, even if it is a problem with my site.

    I pretty much look forward to renewing my support subscription each year, it is rare to encounter a product which is so good to use and such good value

  5. Lars (verified owner)

    Very good plugin that’s highly costumizable with top notch support. Owner realy goes the extra mile.

  6. timofte2 (verified owner)

    Great product that comes with great customer service. I was able to integrate this into my store and I believe its how every digital service should be like. I wasn’t very familiar with the settings but all my issues were resolved in a matter of hours by contacting customer service. Thanks guys it has been a pleasure

  7. hodlmoon (verified owner)

    This plugin is amazing along with the support! Setting it up is very simple and any questions I had were answered very quickly by their support. This is the way to go for crypto payments!

  8. Peter (verified owner)

    Best cryptocurrency plugin for WooCommerce with a ton of features. Support is amazing and goes out of its way to solve your problems. 10/10 will buy again!

  9. Michael (verified owner)

    Top plugin and top support
    in the bitcoin world this is the best plugin you can find for your woocommerce shop!

  10. Dawie (verified owner)

    We have literally tried 20+ other gateways for woocommerce.
    Nothing comes close to Cryptowoo
    They have thought of everything in their plugin settings.
    With the right configuration rates are updated in realtime.

    Mr Felix – Well done !

  11. Andrew (verified owner)

    Cryptowoo is a great payment gateway with a great development team focused on pushing cryptocurrency to the masses. The direct integration with woocommerce is great however the fact that you can use your own wallet is where the real power of the extension lies. Great work and great job thank you for your continued work and support.

  12. matteo (verified owner)

    I buyed CryptoWoo some weeks ago for my Company Website. I would like to say that I would suggest to buy this plugin to my friends and clients for their sites, it functions really good and it has a super UX. The support from the good Felix it was really nice, quickly and friendly, for this reason I gave a vote of 5 stars.

  13. Frans (verified owner)

    CryptoWoo is the right plugin if you are looking for a cryptocurrency gateway on WooCommerce

    CryptoWoo is different from other plugins, you do not need to bother or think about any transaction limit, transaction fee, or payout time that any third party cryptocurrency services provide out there. With this plugin you can create your own rules, your own setting, and your own security, you will have a full control of your own gateway setting. You may only can using for your wallet, but it is already good enough to start your store by using it as your cryptocurrency wallet. If you want to keep your cryptocurrency in your own wallet, there is an option for that by using HD-Wallet plugin add on. In other hand, you can setup your own transaction confirmation, time limit, exchange rate provider that CryptoWoo provide, etc.

    Beside of that, the most important thing from a great product is its services. CryptoWoo have an awesome support in addressing the issue. They are easy, fast and reliable in problems solving and updates. Get a premium plan for better support experience!

    CryptoWoo is highly recommended for any WooCommerce trader that need to have a cryptocurrency gateway on their site. Why would you use a third party cryptocurrency services if you can do it by yourself? I think the answer is here 🙂

  14. Olav

    Exactly what I need

    I needed a payment gateway for WooCommerce where the store itself would be in control and where I could make my own choices. For better customer experience, direct integration on the website with no redirection to third parties was required. Middleman fees had to be reduced to provide customers with better prices. I wanted my customers privacy protected, and the ability to purchase anonymously to be the default option. The customers were not going to have to hang around waiting for their product to arrive; the ability to accept zero confirm transactions was necessary for instant delivery. As a very active shibe, of course I wanted to support the dogecoin economy and accept dogecoin directly. I was looking to accepting the 3 big currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. I also preferred getting exchange rates from the exchanges themselves and choose which to use than relying on external parties.

    I discovered CryptoWoo after a few weeks of launching my store and I realized it would make all this possible. I joined during its early beta as one of its first beta testers, helping it along its way to become what it is today. The customers are kept on the website during checkout, can purchase anonymously, verify exchange rates, pay in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin directly, and receive their products in seconds!

    CryptoWoo support and development is amazing. Issues are dealt with quickly and they add more features upon request. For example, not long ago I asked for shapeshift shifty button integration so that orders can be paid (indirectly) with any altcoin shapeshift supports. It was added right away.

    I highly recommend CryptoWoo to everyone who wants to accept cryptocurrencies in their WooCommerce store. Do not use external third parties, get CryptoWoo and let your store take care of the payment processing itself!

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