Refund Policy

Since all CryptoWoo products are non-tangible, irrevocable, digital goods, we do NOT issue refunds.
Upon clicking the “Buy Now” button on the checkout page, your purchase is completed. All sales are final. You can not cancel a purchase or receive a refund for a purchase. Please use the requirements check plugin we offer on our website to evaluate the basic compatibility of CryptoWoo with your environment and clarify any further questions before purchasing the plugin.

You may be eligible for a refund within the first 14 days after purchase if you are unable to install CryptoWoo even though the requirements check plugin did not indicate any issues and we are unable to resolve the issue.
We will also consider a refund if the plugin continuously fails to perform basic functions after you contacted us and followed all advice from our support team. It is your duty to report the issues in a manner that allows us to diagnose them and you have to fulfill any reasonable requests for more information (error logs, screenshots, etc.). Any refunds that are processed, will be granted at our sole discretion. Payment will be made in the same currency that was used to pay for the order. You are not eligible for a refund after 14 days from the initial purchase. By purchasing the plugin on our website you agree to the terms of our refund policy.