CryptoWoo enables WooCommerce store owners to easily accept various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and many others

How does this help my business?

CryptoWoo helps thousands of stores accept cryptocurrencies and enjoy the several benefits that come with Peer-to-Peer technology such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin.

Lower fees

The fees associated with Cryptocurrencies are typically lower than that of Credit or Debit Cards.

Speedy transactions

Super fast transactions enabling near insant settlement directly to your own wallet.

More customers

The crypto market has billions of dollars in transactions per day and a global market cap worth trillions.

Less risk

Cryptocurrencies have no means of charge back fraud associated with them meaning no risk to your business.

Blockchain Technology

All transactions are stored permanently in the blockchain with peer-to-peer technology giving you added peace of mind and security.

No wallet restrictions

There are many ways to store and send crypto so we make sure your customers can pay in any way, from any wallet, exchange or service.

Tap into a global payments network that grows daily



Happy clients all around the world are using our solution to tap into rapidly growing crypto.



Crypto users around the world reached with a single plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce.



Of cryptocurrency users are more likely to buy products from merchants that accept crypto.

Seamless Integration

Our plugin will seamlessly integrate into your current WooCommerce checkout.

Constant Development

Our developers love working on CryptoWoo meaning we have frequent updates and support for the latest WordPress version.

Flexible Settings & Unique Features

CryptoWoo features a ton of user configurable settings and offers a lot of additional functionality over competing plugins such as HD wallet support, mult-signature support, real-time exchange rates and zeroconfg support.

Add-ons for CryptoWoo

We are constantly adding new cryptocurrencies into our plugin and offer a ton of both free and paid add-ons to increase the coins and tokens you can accept.

Getting started in 3 easy steps

Follow the steps below and get started accepting cryptocurrencies on your WordPress website with WooCommerce!

Download and install our plugin

Download our CryptoWoo Plugin from the WordPress Plugin directory and install it on your website

Choose preferred API and enable the plugin

Enter the configuration settings of the CryptoWoo plugin and select your preferred payment API

Start accepting payments

Done! You can start accepting Crypto payments. Looking for additional features or more coins to accept?

Custom development by us

From new Cryptocurrency addons to custom development options for CryptoWoo - we've got you covered. Our dedicated programmers are more than happy to discuss your projects.

Reviews from real clients

Customer satisfaction is among one of our top priorities and our reviews show it.

Start accepting crypto on your WooCommerce store in minutes