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Using CryptoWoo + HD Wallet Add-on

The recommended way to use CryptoWoo is together with our HD Wallet Add-on. It enables you to automatically derive new cryptocurrency addresses from the extended public key of HD wallets such as Electrum, Trezor or Ledger Wallet.

Using the Address List feature in the main plugin

If you use only the free main plugin without add-ons you need to periodically refill a list of unused cryptocurrency addresses under Wallet Settings > Address List.

Add your cryptocurrency addresses to Wallet Settings > Address List

Using a account

CryptoWoo is compatible with the API and Wallet Service. You need a paid account at to use it with CryptoWoo.

Installation and configuration screenshots

Enable the gateway.
If you do not use the HD Wallet Add-on, add cryptocurrency addresses to the Address List settings
Enable the gateway.
Choose a payment processing API that will be used to check the blockchain for incoming payments.
Disable the internal WordPress Cron and set up an external cron job