CryptoWoo Release 0.25.5

CryptoWoo 0.25.5 has just been released. See the full changelog here: Changelog

NOTE: This update may not be available via the WordPress update routine on your site. In this case, please install it manually.

Find the plugin archive here:

The easiest way to update manually is to replace the files in the directory /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/cryptowoo via FTP.

If you can not access your server via FTP or console, you can of course reinstall the plugin via the WordPress Plugins page.

If you reinstall the plugin via the WordPress Plugins page it is recommended to enable “Keep Settings” and “Keep Tables” in the CryptoWoo Debugging section before the update!

In addition to this important change we would like to highlight two improvements:

Higher Maximum Order Expiration Time

The “Order Expiration Time” determines how long CryptoWoo will wait for the payment from the customer before the order is cancelled or the exchange rate needs to be refreshed.

The latest version of CryptoWoo allows an Order Expiration Time of up to 2 weeks. This means you can now give your customers enough time to complete additional steps like signing up for an exchange or similar while still keeping the original order open.

Of course, if many of your customers take a long time to send their payment, your background processing queue will get clogged up by their orders, possibly slowing down the processing of other orders where the payment is already on the way.

To improve the handling of these orders we added another feature, the Low Frequency Update Interval:

Low Frequency Update Interval: Save API resources and prioritize time-sensitive orders

You can now keep the background processing queue free to process more time-sensitive orders with a higher priority than orders where the customer takes longer to send his payment. If an order is unpaid for longer than the selected Order Age Threshold, the plugin will will look up transactions for it less frequently to save resources.

In the default setting, all orders that are unpaid longer than 3 days (72 hours) will be updated only once every hour instead of the usual cron interval.

You can configure the Low Frequency Update Interval in the Payment Processing > API Resource Control section of the CryptoWoo settings:

Use this option to keep the background processing queue free to process more time-sensitive orders.