CryptoWoo Release 0.24.3

CryptoWoo 0.24.3 has just been released. See the full changelog here: Changelog

Apart from minor improvements and fixes we would like to highlight two new developments:

1) New block explorers for address links

We added two new block explorers for links to addresses, and

The block explorer gives users detailed information about Bitcoin and Bitcoin testnet addresses and transactions. It supports bech32 addresses, works with JavaScript disabled and is also reachable via TOR.

The integration is available for BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH and DOGE. Blockchair offers a search engine for 9 different blockchains in English, Chinese, Russian and Spanish and does not gather any user data, nor does it use web analytic tools.

You can select your preferred explorer in the “Display Settings” section of the CryptoWoo options:

CryptoWoo 0.24.3 - New Block Explorers

2) Processing API Error Handling

We improved the error handling of the processing APIs Smartbit, and Blockcypher. In some cases the available fallback options were not used and in other cases the error messages from the API were not detected. If you experience many cancelled orders, check your debug for error messages.

You can view the log files in the WooCommerce Log Viewer under WooCommerce > Status > Logs