= 1.5.0 2021-06-21 =

  • Feature: Add Rotharium (RTH) ERC20 token
  • Improvement: Add Ethereum unicode symbol to woocommerce currency symbols

= 1.4.0 2021-04-12 =

  • Feature: Add HD wallet support
  • Improved: Tweak initialization in cw-web3.js
  • Fixed: JS file not found error

= 1.3.0 2021-01-06 =

  • Improved: Add multiplier option for DAI, USDT and USDC

= 1.2.1 2021-01-06 =

  • Fixed: Update evm-chains.js
  • Improved: Add token contract address link to options panel

= 1.2.0 2020-12-02 =

  • Feature: Add Gem Exchange and Trading (GXT) token
  • Improved: Check token balance before trying to create a transaction
  • Improved: Update web3modal to v1.9.2

= 1.1.0 2020-10-29 =
Requires CryptoWoo 0.25.20 or higher

  • Fixed: Disable processing API fallback filter until we have alternative APIs
  • Feature: Add GOGOLCOIN (GOL) ERC20 token
  • Modified: Count number of decimals instead of recalculating them in cweth_force_unique_crypto_amount()

= 1.0.6 2020-10-22 =

  • Fixed: Illegal string offset when using custom payment_page_text_eth
  • Improved: Tweak function cweth_force_unique_crypto_amount() to prevent decimals mismatch between cryptocurrency amount in order meta and value on payment page

= 1.0.5 2020-10-16 =

  • Improved: Use decimals from token object for ERC-20 amount_received
  • Improved: Add whitespace between loading icon and txid

= 1.0.4 2020-10-16 =

  • Feature: Add Cheerful Token (CIMC)
  • Improved: Gas limit estimation
  • Improved: Add support for erc20custom exchange rate calculation in stores where the base currency is not US Dollar
  • Fixed: batch prioritization and filtering for ERC-20 tokens
  • Fixed: Broken blockexplorer links for ERC-20 tokens
  • Fixed: “autoselect” block explorer for Ethereum addresses not defined
  • Fixed: Wrong coin_client string for ERC-20 tokens
  • Fixed: cweth_force_update_exchange_rates(): Pass $force to token update function and only run if asset is enabled

= 1.0.3 2020-10-05 =
NOTE: This update requires CryptoWoo version 0.25.16 or higher!

  • Fixed: cweth_address_list_max() filter should return an integer
  • Fixed: Prevent rounding errors when forcing unique ETH or token order amount
  • Fixed: Broken etherscan.io mainnet address links
  • Improved: Add option fields for Fortmatic and Infura API keys and remove hardcoded keys
  • Improved: Remove redundant icons
  • Improved: Log more information when ignoring transactions that are too old to be considered for the current order
  • Tweak: Disable ETH add-on if main plugin version is below 0.25.16
  • Tweak: Disable currencies if bcmath extension is not installed and show admin notice
  • Tweak: “Exact amount” warning on payment